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Numerical control equipment is a kind of high automation and tectonic complex processing equipment

by:Ragos     2021-02-15
Numerical control equipment is a high degree of automation, constructing more complex leading processing equipment, is the key, the key equipment in the company. To be cost-effective numerical control equipment, must be accurate and careful protection operation, ability to ensure the equipment utilization rate. Accurate operation can avoid the lathe abnormal wear use, avoid sudden fault; The usual protection maintenance, can make the equipment with good skills, delayed degradation process, timely discover and eliminate dangerous trouble, and to ensure safe operation. 1. Should pay attention to the questions in using numerical control equipment of numerical control equipment use environment for the progress of numerical control equipment life, usually needs to avoid the sun shining directly and other thermal radiation, avoid too wet, too much dust. Corrosion of gas is easy to make electronic components from corrosion metamorphism, form a poor contact or short circuit between components, affect the normal operation of equipment. Precision CNC equipment to stay away from oscillation large equipment, such as punching, forging equipment, etc. 2. The power demand in order to avoid greater power to shake, Greater than & plusmn; 10%) And can suddenly disturbed signal effects, such as numerical control equipment usually choose line power supply ( Such as low voltage transformer room from all the way alone for CNC lathe using) Or increase the voltage regulation equipment, can weaken the influence of the quality of power supply and electrical interference. 3. Procedures procedures is to ensure that one of the important measures of the nc machine tool operation, the operator must be in accordance with the operating procedures. Lathe attack problem, the operator should pay attention to save the scene, and then expounds present problems to maintenance personnel, before and after the cause of the benefit analysis, fault diagnosis, timely cleaning. Other, numerical control lathe shoulds not be long time storage need not, purchase CNC lathe should make full use of in the future, especially in the first year the use and the simple faulty weaknesses exposed as soon as possible, during the warranty period to wipe out. Mission without processing, CNC lathe is timed electricity, best is an electricity - a week 2 times, each time idle running an hour or so, to use the calorific value of lathe itself to drop the humidity inside the machine, make the electronic components shall not be affected with damp be affected with damp, together can also be found in a timely manner without battery alarm attack, in order to avoid the loss of the system software, parameter.
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