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No convex line wheel spring machine application advantages?

by:Ragos     2021-03-17
No line of convex turn round spring machine is currently technology is leading spring machine equipment, its solve the machining problems of the traditional press brake machine, currently recognized and widely used by many manufacturers, which convex line of turn round spring machine application advantages? Traditional spring machine: with CAM spring machine on the operating skills requirements for the technical personnel is higher, especially in the process of debugging the machine layout CAM is relatively cumbersome, for operators to fit the threshold is higher, and tedious debugging affect machining efficiency. And traditional spring machine on to promote the efficiency of processing and has certain difficulty, but also difficult to cope with the increasingly complex spring processing demand, this requires industry spring machine equipment of the updated technology! No line of convex turn round spring machine improvements: (1) adopt unique without CAM and rocker arm design; (2) on the front panel forming station adopts independent servo motor drive; 3. No need to layout the CAM piece in the process of operation; (4) running without time difference between forming station; (5) extension function more powerful, such as the transfer line, curly and free hand, etc. No convex line wheel spring machine to solve the industry's pain points: (1) compared with traditional CAM press brake machine, reduced the difficulty of debugging and into the line threshold, save debugging time, improve the working efficiency. (2) can be extended more powerful features, such as line, crimp, free hand, hydraulic/servo manipulator, scissors, etc. , for the spring product line and molding process provides a great convenience. (3) to solve the traditional spring machine for complex product in forming the limitations of space and perspective, there is no line of convex turn round press brake machine not only led to a more simple operation, at the same time to provide all kinds of complex products forming a more powerful processing ability. (4) there is no line of convex turn round spring forming machine can make more axis function more powerful, more flexible, forming function can meet the current all kinds of spring processing requirements, and in the spring production and processing has more efficiency increases. No CAM turning line spring machine solves the industry debugging difficulty, convenient operation, several important problems in the forming ability, machining efficiency, better able to meet the constantly spring spring factory processing requirements, the dongguan CNC can provide the market with many high quality without CAM spring machine equipment, processing equipment to provide industry leading spring.
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