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New the choose and buy high quality press how to solve the problem of large noise

by:Ragos     2021-02-09
Press the principal means of noise control for the setting press sound insulation cover, higher requirements for the enterprise can also be combined with vibration device, such as acoustic screen cover comprehensive treatment. design of sound insulation cover note: does not affect the service life of the equipment itself, convenient search operation and equipment maintenance workers, prolong the service life of the sound insulation cover itself, production and installation period is too long, field installation shall not affect workers' daily operation. Good punch stamping efficiency because of it, so its use is more and more widely, for customers to buy high quality press must be of high quality press have a certain understanding. 1. Users according to their own material needs, to choose suitable high quality punching type, design can meet the needs of the user to type, in product quality strictly controlled, the excellent quality for the user. 2. A good quality of high quality press brake machine, its efficiency is also indispensable factor of on any account, unified use cases, the more low consumption of the machine is more popular. 3. We all have this common sense, the function more machine, the shorter service life, the same also want to consider when choosing high quality press that, under the premise that meet our needs, machine should be simple, operating at the same time should also be as simple as possible. 4. Daily equipment depreciation, energy consumption, labor, maintenance, spare parts such as low operating cost as much as possible. 5. Safety factors, mainly including the workers' safety and considering the safety of the plant, the application of low voltage line greatly guarantees the user security. 6. Size, this regarding the stability of the machine tool, the open press pressure is very big, poor quality of stamping operations when the machine will be shaking, this sometimes concern to personnel safety. 7. Performance good open punch can form a good line, you can only one by one with poor single processing, insufficient pressure in and easy to damage the service life of mould and parts of machine itself. 8. After more than a few standards are given, then the commissioning, it is the high quality press brake machine running situation, general press brake machine manufacturers will allow customers to bring raw materials of commissioning. 9. Also note to check the gear wear, guide rail wear and abrasion of mesa, clutch wear. in the process of operation, its value is in commonly 90 - noise 120dB( A) In between. When people live in high noise environment, there will be a decline in hearing sensitivity, sleep less, easy to be impatient. Serious will appear hearing impairment, cardiovascular system, nervous system and elimination system problems, such as than normal circumstances people are more prone to deadly disease cancer. So, for punching machine manufacturers, in the design and manufacture of punch to punch some noise processing, the concrete solution measure, small make up to sort out the following points: 1, punch workshop reverberation time and noise noise value: reverberation time is refers to the interior sound steady state, in the room of the residual sound stopped, absorbed by the source of the wall reflection, the average energy density is reduced to one over one million of the original. Reverberation time is longer, it shows that the sound is reflected in the workshop several times, the energy attenuation rate is slow, in the same source of reverberation time workshop workshop of reverberation time is longer than the noise is big. 2, selection of punch workshop sound-absorbing material, sound insulation board, a total of five parts, the sound-absorbing cotton with the noise of the perforated plate hole, part of the energy is converted into heat energy consumption by the vibration of the glass wool and silk, another part of the outer layer of the steel plate separation, absorption of vibration can share. 3, sound-absorbing board sealing treatment: because of the whole production line closed processing is more small sound-absorbing board joining together into a closed body, so in order to ensure that the noise reduction effect, in the design and manufacture of the need to control each gap between sound-absorbing board, general is 1 ~ 2. In order to influence the noise reduction effect, try not to make noise through clearance usually use sealant to seal clearance. 4, punch workshop ventilation treatment: due to press brake machine the heat generated by the operation, combined with glass wool insulation and absorption material performance, 3 ~ 5 ℃ temperature are often higher than the outside, after the noise reduction project, in a closed production line, usually at the top of the sound barriers to install exhaust fan, draw the hot air inside the closed space, thus punch forming negative pressure inside, outside air can enter the internal sound barriers. Low noise of the fan in the choice of exhaust fan, in order to avoid the influence of the noise effect.
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