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Nc tool software of control system

by:Ragos     2021-06-15
Nc tool software control system software adopts modular structure, module implementation depends on the way on the operation panel switch state. System main program at the completion of the I/O port setting and various data storage unit will reset after initialization, according to the way the state of the switch, into one of these, the main works as follows: ( 1) Parameter input mode. According to the system prompt, please input from keyboard dao teeth, tooth handedness, feed length, grinding allowance, feeding frequency and feeding rate lower limit, Z axis and C axis measurement control values Z1min and C1min field parameters. ( 2) Measurement methods. Measurement processes using the Z axis and the manual function of C axis, make the cutter tooth contact measuring head, determine the starting point. Measurement, to determine the cutting tool system based on blade axial and circumferential direction of feed. When the measured value reaches or exceeds the preset Z1min and C1min, press the C key, make the blade to measuring head, once the contact, both Z to and C to key press is invalid, avoid to produce artificial damage of distance error and measuring device, and then return to the main program perform computations. ( 3) The knife. Grinding knife surface before and after, the first dial rotating wheel frame, make the spark of the contact point and the tangent point in the same direction, in manual mode to adjust the cutting point, the system automatically records starting point to the steps of knife point tool moving Z2, then buy mode switch for the knife. Start to knife procedure, the system first take out the parameters of internal records Z1, C1 and Z2, according to the calculation tool returned to the starting point, the rotation of the cutting tool steps C2, finally to ( Z2、C2) For the starting point, make linear interpolation, tool back to the starting point (grinding, 0, 0) 。 ( 4) Automatic mode. Automatic grinding program flow chart, I for each blade grinding feed number; N for cutting teeth. Circulate in the loop for blade, feeding frequency as the outer loop, namely each feed, all blade sharpening it again, this blade is heated uniform deformation, grinding to remaining the same, can guarantee that after grinding blade is located in the same circumference of a circle. Indexing number m with decimal integer, decimal accumulate until the next steps degree.
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