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National standard press operators at eleven o 'clock

by:Ragos     2021-04-03
work by learning to master the structure and properties of gb punching process, must be familiar with operating procedures, and operation permission, an independent operation. 2, press the proper use of safety protection and control equipment, shall not be arbitrarily dismantled. 3, check the punch transmission, connection, lubrication, components and safe protection devices must be installed firmly mould screw, cannot be moved. 4, press work before running 2 - should be empty 3 minutes, check the foot brake control flexibility, confirm that normal, operation is not sick before work. 5, mould when matter is firm, and up and down mould for, to ensure that the correct position, hand and head should keep a certain distance with press brake machine, to ensure that the mold is in good condition. 6, should pay attention to lubrication before driving, put all the animals to take out of the bed surface. 7, stamping, take action or operation of drilling operator station is appropriate, the press brake machine should keep a certain distance, my hands and my head and watch the press brake machine movement, it is strictly prohibited to chat with other people. 8, punching or countryside, short piece, the application of special tools, should be directly feeding or pickup. 9, punching or long rural parts of the body, should according to the safety of the system supporting frame, or take other security measures, in order to avoid injury. 10, more than two people cooperation, is responsible for moving, Step) Brake, must pay attention to feed people action, it is forbidden to one side, one side move ( Step) Brake. 11, at the end of the work, wipe the national standard punch and to cut off the power to stop working.
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