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Look at how much the vibration of the numerical control punch press

by:Ragos     2021-01-22
From traditional press brake machine to now the numerical control punch press; Many factories produce stamping is improved. CNC punch press greatly improve the level of yield, improve quality and precision of the stamping parts and different level to maximize saving manpower and resources, thus CNC punch press has been gradually replacing traditional punch stamping trend. Press the principal means of noise control for the setting press sound insulation cover, higher requirements for the enterprise can also be combined with vibration device, such as acoustic screen cover comprehensive treatment. 1, according to the requirements of the installation manual production base, fully tighten the ground screw equipment, ensure the machine tool, can effectively reduce the vibration; 2, using shock MATS, can reduce the vibration of the press itself, can also reduce the impact on the surrounding equipment; 3, dig shock ditch, can maximum limit to reduce the influence of punch on the surrounding equipment. Shockproof groove depth must be achieved. CNC punch press daily maintenance, maintenance work, be sure to or by trained technical personnel with professional experience in machinery operation personnel, and in accordance with the rules of this manual for maintenance and maintenance. manufacturer here enumerate common CNC punch press use notice: 1, the use of high speed CNC punch press punch load in operation are not allowed to transcend nominal pressure, high-speed press brake machine long-term overload use can lead to the crankshaft, airframe fatigue cracking, forming machinery, safety issue, customer enterprises should carefully accounting artifacts of blunt pressure, choose suitable machinery and equipment. 2, high-speed CNC punch press stop when working with pressing and two metal material or more pieces of information. 3, customer special request order using mechanical pedal direct manipulation is not meet safety requirements. When using the foot switch function, demand and equipment photoelectric device maintenance, or form a disturbance by the customer. 4, use the slider continuous operation function, can't choose and employ persons hand feeding operation, it is necessary to equip active feeding device, or form a personal issue by the customer. 5, high-speed punch press actively in the process of operation, stop the hand or any part of the body into the slider operational areas, such as the requirements within the range of slider homework assignments, it is necessary in the numerical control punch to cut off the power to suspend the case and all moving parts appear on the talents. In high speed press brake machine vibration, good punch press airborne, and slightly visible floating up and down, after the mount mold, vibration, there is no or very small 【 Don't put material within the mold 】 , therefore, the punch are marked with cushions, the worst is rubber, second is the spring, the best is the air cushions. The price is also the difference between the heaven and in earth. See the press tonnage and mesa, generally large tonnage punch if no shock to ditch, would affect the service life of precision and numerical control lathe, usually placed validation method of numerical control equipment is to place a glass of water in the cement ground, see if the water has obvious corrugated. If is not obvious, it can be installed.
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