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Longmen punch in manufacturing daily four repair methods

by:Ragos     2021-01-07
Refers to the punch die regulate device with slider control to the bearing, slide block and I dead surface to punch in the slider at the time of the platen ( Plate) On the surface of the interval. With highly parallel specification and shut height, it refers to the slider I dead center, under the slider surface and press brake machine interval on the surface of the workbench. mould height refers to the mould at the lowest work orientation, on the mold base on the plane to the gap between the mold base under the plane. Theory between the largest installed between die height and minimum loading die height, but in fact need to deduct the limit bearing. On interpretation of the punch repair under the four methods: 1. Pay attention to safety in the process of maintenance, to ensure that the correct lock, open the process to ensure the safety of maintenance personnel, to ensure that in the brake the sleeve before maintenance work at the bottom of the stroke. If you do, you don't need to lock the sleeve again. 2. The workshop environment control, a clean punch to make the operator or maintenance personnel can quickly find when problem occurred. Such as oil, gas leakage, fracture, etc. , if the press brake machine is clean, simple can find out its location. 3. Electrical work to related professionals to solve, only by qualified electrical technicians to longmen punch press electrical line maintenance, but you can still check the punch of the bulb on the control panel is normal, each class to make sure that the light bulb in the work, and properly display the punch for various operating conditions. 4. Ensure that press brake machine in the equilibrium position, get the precise balance of punch can work better, so the best each year for a check. Pneumatic system for the pneumatic brake and balance system, need to check whether there is a gas leak, because of the proper pressure can influence the performance of the brake and balance system, and they control the punching machine stop time, once appear, problem will make the operator and equipment in danger. In addition, all of the pneumatic systems have regulator, lubricator and storage device. Accumulation of water in the gas pipeline, should be ruled out every day. the primary technical parameters, should be able to reflect the working ability of the press, to the scale of the machining range, target productivity, etc.
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