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Line spring shaft appear problem how to solve?

by:Ragos     2021-03-15
Turn line spring machine normal processing work need multiple components, and spindle is auxiliary press brake machine broken part and an important part of a wire feeding leveling function, core shaft failure will affect the operation of equipment, the transfer line spring shaft problem how to solve? Line spring shaft is consists of two parts, and tail clip, press brake machine is indispensable tools in the forming process, if the problem is solved by the following methods: 1, the first thing to turn off line spring mechanical and electrical source switch, and then enter from behind the broken line of stainless steel wire feeding roller, and then removed from the front end engineers operation panel of the body of mandrel, and try to remove spindle tail clip. 2, if can remove the tail clip, is that the spindle itself is blocked, at the moment available pliers clamp stainless steel wire can try level pulled out from the side will line, also can try to plug it drops into some liquid grease into, core shaft is open. 3, if you can't remove the spindle end clamp, then will be the core shaft end double coverlet blocked, can try to tail clip clamps live, horizontal force pulled out the tail clip back then. If it is two and a half turns tail clip, pulled out the tail clamp can solve the problem. If the whole tail clip, be sure to think method to take out the inside wall of stainless steel wire or remove a new tail clip, it can solve the problem of spindle fault. Above is for line spring shaft failure problem handling, if appear this kind of issues that need to be disposed equipment, so as not to affect the normal production and operation of the press brake machine. Numerical control can provide more high quality line spring machine, at the same time also will offer perfect after-sales maintenance services, for customers to solve spring machine use process problems.
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