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Large forging equipment and manufacturing technology in our country reach the world advanced level

by:Ragos     2021-06-16
Information from the China machinery industry group co. , LTD, according to its developed by China heavy machinery research institute, with completely independent intellectual property rights, 16500 tons of free forging press have been put into use in Shanghai heavy machinery co. , LTD. For more than a month to run normally. This symbolized our country large forging equipment and large forging manufacturing process has reached the international advanced level. 16500 tons of large-scale free forging hydraulic press, the free forging piece biggest 600 tons of production capacity, in addition to can meet the national economic development is an urgent need to large free forging, will also for our country large forging equipment and large forgings products are exported to lay the foundation. Due to historical reasons, our country in the large free forging equipment and forging process technology development relative lag, cannot meet the economic development the demand for high quality large free forging. It is understood that the traditional free forging hydraulic press is divided into two kinds of hydraulic press and hydraulic press. Early large free forging hydraulic press, as a result of domestic hydraulic technology can not meet the production requirements, generally the water pump - gathering station mode of transmission. China's current use all five sets of each of the free forging hydraulic press for hydraulic press. China heavy machinery institute of independent development of 16500 tons of free forging hydraulic press, the oil pump direct drive hydraulic system of the technical proposal, due to the hydraulic press forging pressure, when pressure stable speed controllable and forging deformation rhythm is more easy to control, so that the quality of forgings got obvious improvement. China machinery industry group co. , LTD. At present, there are more than 20 scientific research institutes, and more than 7000 technical personnel, engaged in the development of major technologies and equipment, development, technical advice and services, the main areas are electrical appliances, heavy mining, petrochemical general, engineering machinery, machine tools, instruments and meters, and components, etc.
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