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Japan nuclear leak of the potential danger of punch operation

by:Ragos     2021-02-09
Japan atomic energy research and development institutions, JAEA) In ibaraki prefecture in the east China sea village a state-owned nuclear fuel processing facility management staff 30, said the day the facilities, the nuclear accident caused a warning. Press operator itself needs to have crisis consciousness: besides value punch operation itself safety operation, the operator itself safety consciousness also can't ignore. In the process of practice, pay attention to the following points to make stamping operations safer: ( 1) Should ensure that punch after the completion of security protection equipment operation, and empty experiments, if there is any delay, even burst phenomenon, or other problems to promptly eliminate, only normal operation can be performed. ( 2) before operation, it is necessary to check the press brake machine press clutch/urgent brake equipment proper orientation, function is normal, if discover the abnormal should immediately stop check. ( 3) is necessary to set up warning signs before the repair begins, and told the partner. ( 4) According to the standard procedures, punch press, attention to assemble in the operation, press operation, it is forbidden to hand and the content into dangerous areas, such as things take down the workpiece and operated by private things. ( 5) In check, adjust, repair press brake machine, it is necessary to suspend punch operation after operation. The incident in the northeast of Tokyo, ibaraki prefecture village of the east China sea & other; Institute of nuclear fuel cycle engineering & throughout; Accidents involving two containing mixed oxide fuel ( 混合氧化物燃料) Container, which contains plutonium and uranium. Detected radioactive material alarm rings around at 2 PM in the day, was wearing a mask of workers are for container to replace rubber cover, open the seal gap.
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