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Hydraulic punching machine commissioning process should pay attention to what aspects?

by:Ragos     2021-01-28
First, don't need to feed in debugging, but should put on the guide plate of lead screw to rise, then the hydraulic presses with inching method gradually to hammer bottom dead center, it is necessary to pay special attention to guide plate may not be together float rod pressure is too low, otherwise it will form floating pole winding or broken. Start the hydraulic press machine, continuous punching, bound to the feeder speed adjustment screw clockwise, the slider movement is a bit slow, so to be able to see the slider when the reciprocating movement met nylon gaskets and fine adjustment screw length. Commissioning process of the slider to do reciprocating movement, if encounter only nylon gaskets without touching the fine adjustment screw length, clarify is not floating rod drop deep reason, hydraulic press machine to guide screw down gradually. If the slider reciprocating movement, only touching the fine adjustment screw length without touching the nylon gaskets, this is floating down too deep, need hydraulic press machine guide screw to increase gradually. If the slider in length fine adjustment screw with nylon gaskets between mobile and distance is the same the same at both ends and then to the speed adjusting screw counterclockwise, let the slider speed is normal, and make the slider reciprocating movement can run into nylon ring gasket and distance. Above is press brake machine analysis of the hydraulic press method should pay attention to some of the problems in practice, which is expected to press accused of using phone will help. 上述的一些问题,在应用程序中应注意液压机的分析和安排太平洋冲床,预计将有助于穿孔控制的应用。
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