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Hydraulic presses face multiple challenges remain nots allow to ignore

by:Ragos     2021-01-27
First of all, the Internet industry land capital is relatively high. the industrial application of the Internet, closely fusion with artificial intelligence, Internet of things. Now, artificial intelligence skill is still in the process of research and development, upgrading, iot deployment of capital has yet to fully realize & other; People throughout the &; , the punch production enterprises want to embrace the Internet industry, still need to bear the use of higher capital. Obviously, this for large-scale commercial Internet press industry, is a major battle. Second, press brake machine industry in the Internet security also exists certain risk. Internet industry is still the center of the Internet, in the current international network security form, press brake machine industry necessary to the security of the Internet for the first essence, otherwise will lead to the customer by hackers steal the key data such as dangerous. Of course, to ensure the safety of Internet press industry, in addition to service providers, government departments and enterprises customers should also assume their respective responsibilities. In addition, talent gap is also punch industry pain points in the development of the Internet. Previously, had confessed, head of enterprise, & other; The main battle for our industry to the Internet is not a skill, funding, but throughout the center of the shortage of talents &; 。 Indeed, whether artificial intelligence category, industrial Internet industry, the center for talent is increasingly showing a lack of the situation. To promote health and sustainable development, punch industry spotting talent dilemma is the primary principle.
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