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Hydraulic press is important to maintain the changchun rain parts

by:Ragos     2021-06-12
One day on June 2, thunder and lightning, hail and rain in changchun city, jilin province & other; Collect & throughout; 。 By the end of the day 21 44 points, changchun appeared more than 100 mm of precipitation. Ok, let's review the topic today is hydraulic press need to focus on maintenance parts. Press demand points of maintenance parts ( 1) Deep throat press pressure, electrical and smooth device, check to see if the line leak case attack; ( 2) Air valve and solenoid valve: check the air valve and solenoid valve control is normal; ( 3) Balance cylinder: see if air leakage, whether to have appropriate smooth; ( 4) Die cushion: if air leakage, whether to have appropriate smooth, fixed screw is loose; ( 5) Pressure gauge: check the needle is normal. Deep throat press electrical: electrical control: to view control, and response operation condition, there is a problem of control, and response operation condition, there is a problem of control device to replace in a timely manner. Loose parts tightening, check whether the fuse for the appropriate scale, check whether the insulation of the wire part harm, whether to need to replace bad wires; The motor, check to see if the motor and bracket fixed screw tightening; Button and pedal switch: take a closer look at these switches, if have bad should be replaced immediately; Relay: see contact friction losses, connection is loose, and presence of disconnection status. Smooth smooth, deep throat press clutch air components: eliminate all of the water, check the status of the single smooth increase oil to the right direction; Smooth system: referring to the product specification is introduced by the smooth areas to carry out the smooth system maintenance, to see if the smooth line rupture, wear and tear, check to see if the parts have crack, broken or damaged, check the oil level and oil level height is in line with the standard. Under the condition of normal operation, oiled gear needs an oil change every three months at a time. Once every six months needs cleaning tank.
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