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Hydraulic press and ordinary punch difference analysis

by:Ragos     2021-02-02
is a punch press. In the national production, the stamping process of than traditional mechanical processing for material and energy saving, high efficiency, technical requirements for operators is not high and through a variety of mold application can make machining these advantages, the products cannot be achieved by thus its use more and more widely. The difference between the hydraulic press and ordinary punch: 1, the common punch driven by belt machine, easy to wear, wheel rotate out has a certain influence on the operator. 2, general punching machine is straight down, like this way of action strength is quite large, but at the same time also to mold hardness requirement will be higher, the impact strength is big, the mold damage could also be bigger. 3, hydraulic press brake machine adopts four pillars three board structure, from the power system can minimize the friction coefficient, punch in the action of long time still can keep considerable accuracy. Die longevity. 4, ordinary punch is adopting straight strong pattern, no controllability to press. And tianjin hydraulic press brake machine press power can be adjusted. 5, ordinary puncher is generally direct stamping of this work will be big noise, suzhou hydraulic punching machine is adopting controllable speed stamping db is much smaller. 6, together is the magnitude of the ordinary punch is not adjustable, and hydraulic press brake machine size with adjustable pressure, ordinary punch stroke without any control, hydraulic punching machine has a stroke limit restrictions. Hydraulic press with ordinary punch configuration; Hydraulic device is composed of hydraulic pump, hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic control valve and hydraulic auxiliary components. Oil separation in the air and impurity 2, 3, oil filter 4, tubing and tubing joint pressure gauge 5, packing element of ordinary punch configuration: switch, button, electric box, leather belt, the wheel motor, templates, the fuselage, is pulled through the motor drive belt wheel turning down a way of the output pressure, is a more traditional and with longer stamping machinery and equipment.
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