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Hydraulic CNC bending machine operation

by:Ragos     2021-02-13
Note 1 the hydraulic CNC bending machine operation. When operating pressure to be in the middle of the lower die and work piece and parallel, mat smoothly. Bending machine in working process, it is strictly prohibited to repair or adjust the mold. 2. Long pressure, leading to two pieces of people, Or above) Operation, to avoid forced deformation due to the artifacts in SongYa dumping, are not allowed to close hand pressed workpiece. 3. Correction or suppress the workpiece, the intermediate position of the workpiece on the mold, should be no bias. Upper die slowly close to the workpiece to prevent force bursts with artifacts. 4. Work often should check whether the two oil cylinder stroke is consistent, otherwise the timely adjustment or repair service. Oil cylinder piston found shake or pump emit squeaks, must eliminate air from the oil. 5. Often should pay attention to the fuel tank, observe whether oil level is appropriate, such as the oil level is too high to check the return pipe road, adjust the oil return valve, overflow tank shall be strictly prohibited. Keep working oil temperature & le; 45℃。 6. When the control valve and relief valve failure or safety device is imperfect, are not allowed to work in. 7. Regulating valve and pressure gauge are strictly forbidden to adjust to touch others, the operator must tighten after adjust. 8. Work pressure is too high, must check, adjust the oil return valve, after fault clearance, can work. 9. The maximum distance it is strictly prohibited. 10. Work in the process, it is forbidden to hand between the up and down mould. 11. Regularly check travel switch, safety protection device to ensure reliable machine work. 12. In mold or maintenance, must close the oil pump, in order to ensure safety. 13. When using driving with lifting artifacts, should strictly abide by the traffic operation and ground ( Hook) Job security technology operating rules, and to cooperate closely.
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