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Hydraulic bending machine upgrading plan and its valve common reason

by:Ragos     2021-02-14
CNC bending machine 】 Hydraulic bending machine upgrading plan and the common faults of solution you know discount manufacturer of hydraulic bending machine upgrading have what views and the actual implementation opinions? If hydraulic bending machine valve abnormal when the manufacturer and what is the solution? The following production factory is a down, for everybody. Hydraulic bending machine upgrading: first of all, by bending vendors would break down a little of nc machine tool retrofit including content, such is not originally the renewal and transformation into CNC CNC machinery machinery; Is this kind of machine equipment may upgrade machining technology; Also is this kind of machinery and equipment to expand production, and then into mechanical processing technology in the system software. With the development of nc machine tools in China is late, so often equipment maintenance into the status of the CNC machine is common, CNC shearing machine like this. Not only perfected the machine's own functions, and application of CNC machinery production and processing, the added value of goods is more bigger. Is due to have this kind of actual effect, numerical control machine is changed to be promoting. Bending vendors would explained, the status of the original numerical control machine upgrading nor about the above, the direct reason is that the original machine equipment use value is higher, mechanical foundation is very good, just due to the embrittlement of CNC machine tools, spare parts fit, electrical equipment maintenance cost of institutions of higher learning directly situation cannot be resolved without comprehensive popularization. Once the system software upgrade, about the above condition is obtained to solve, pushing machine equipment can use the use value is enough to keep. For this type of machinery and equipment, the higher the value, the bigger the scale, the higher the content of science and technology, the improvement of the system software to have higher needs. Then the more there is a big difference in the class, the behavior of the original machine equipment subject foundation, from the only in the aspect of structure there is a big development or improvement, make its function to perfect, can be used to higher precision of machining process. Hydraulic press brake valve common faults solution: hydraulic bending machine directional valve can not reversing or reversing slow, usually due to poor RunHua, yellow is jammed or destroy, oily be soiled or residue jammed drag units such as sake. Before check the power supply circuit common failures to manual type button to flip the two directional control valve, the directional control valve is under the standard of rating can all normal commutation, if can all normal commutation, is the power supply circuit with common faults. Inspection, can use the dashboard to measure the working voltage of the magnet coil, see if do the rated current, if the voltage is too low, should further check the contact control circuit of switching power supply and the associated itinerary switch circuit. Bending machine hydraulic transmission system of common failures are: valve can not reverse or reversing slow, leak, electromagnetic pilot valve are common faults, etc. If the rated power flow directional valve can not normal commutation, should check the magnet coil connecting head ( Power plug) Is a loose or touch false. The former three kinds of situation should clean up the pilot valve and liquidity on the transformer core oil and residue. If hydraulic bending machine electromagnetic pilot valve inlet and exhaust air flow by oil dirt block, such as ban doesn't close tightly, liquidity transformer core stuck, power supply circuit are common faults, etc.
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