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How to use the numerical control punch press web about car free parking

by:Ragos     2021-03-30
In order to further promote up ability, protect passengers smoothly into the station. During the Spring Festival this year, the Beijing west railway station area will be located at 6 temporary stopping area, legal network about night into the Beijing west railway station to ferry passengers, parking lots can enjoy free parking. CNC press brake machine press skills also shares the company continues to carry out a temporary, so life in such a society is the man who is very good, but in normal circumstances, the machine is produced after all, so still is to some operations to be able the normal work, the following will introduce, you how to operate to take the machine can run, in the operation of the time to pay attention to what problem, this will let everybody thoroughly study, clamp used for item 1, clamp for artifacts. 2, prevent the upper and lower jaw in the absence of steel plate in direct contact, prevent bad tooth type. 3, processing steel plate, the jaw if sundry, should clean up in time, in case of affect normal use. 4, ensure the jaw some clean without oil, otherwise it will drop quickly force of clamp. Some main drive belt to adjust the main motor is through v-belt drive flywheel, device for machine belt to selection, if there any problems in the process of operation to immediately jumps, the adjustment of the belt way: 1, the detection power, make the flywheel completely stop. 2, pine collapse on the screw nut and motor set screw. 3, adjusting screw. 4, the belt tensioning degree of the flywheel and motor center, know the belt is limited, therefore, in the case of normal, don't use too much strength to pull, will break the rope. 5, after adjustment in the future, the lock nut and motor fixed nut and tighten. Stamping slider adjustment slider to choose the cylindrical pin type structure, the fuselage structure is brief, convenient protection. About stamping different material thickness, the slider under the head can regulate, and regulate the amount each have 10 mm. In addition, the passenger peak, will also be around in the north and the south square, taxi dispatching station running short free shuttle buses. Alleviate the pressure of the public transport at night, the realization of passenger evacuation quickly. Operation shuttle bus when Spring Festival transportation. Continue to cooperate with the airport bus, optimizing travel shuttle bus when the line setup, abundant capacity safeguard measures, meet the demand of passenger shuttle transfer.
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