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How to use grooving machine is one of the safest

by:Ragos     2021-04-27
Security USES the method of grooving machine technique in many grooving machine factory will require operators at the time of operation, pay attention to safety, but we should be how to operate to ensure our safety? So today we together discuss and see how the grooving machine is the most safe. If you also want to know try to look down. When we use the grooving machine, we can't take a few more prone to tilt or slip is on the table, also can not into the can't go in, also don't to touch our equipment, use the tool to the original place, to avoid problems due to our negligence, our workers to make safety protective gear is dressed, if no special case that we can't wear gloves. That we won't want to do it safely to save a temporary easily and cause serious trouble. If we were using the grooving machine, he has not normal voice, that we will terminate in the operation of the equipment, to replace defective parts, of course, to see if he is what problem, can also use a micro way to check to see if there is foreign body, can wait to make sure no problem, if is a safe parts that we generally can't literally open, wait until we are fixed to a fixed place that we can operate. You remember if the slot machines have what problem, then we must first without electricity.
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