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How to solve the jiangsu press hydraulic system oil temperature is too high fault

by:Ragos     2021-01-17
In jiangsu punch under the condition of temperature, air separation of hydraulic oil pressure and full steam pressure will increase, angrily point ignition phenomenon more simple attack. 1. Jiangsu punch structure and foundation work principle of the hydraulic system of a good punch press hydraulic system consists of the following departments: jiangsu power components, the performance of the components, control components, for components and hydraulic oil; Power element ( The oil pump system) Effect is the electric thoughts can convert the mechanical energy of liquid pressure, power supply for the whole hydraulic system. Thus, when one or a few lessons in these parts is not normal, can make the system of the oil temperature is high. 2. Accelerate jiangsu press brake machine aging of hydraulic oil oxidation reaction is the first in the hydraulic oil aging, and the onset of oxidation ignition very tightly close contact with the oil temperature, the experiments show that when the temperature of the oil temperature reached area ( 55 - 60℃) When the oil temperature rise every 10 ℃, the hydraulic oil oxidation reaction is increased one times, their life spans by 50%. 3. Jiangsu press hydraulic system oil temperature is too high reason analysis by jiangsu punch the work principle of hydraulic system, the attack of combustion heat in the system have two parts: one is that convert mechanical energy into pressure can pump power component, another is to pressure control components and performance of components can be converted into mechanical energy; This two under normal work condition to attack a ignition heat, the heat by the cooling system for cooling. Because under the pressure, the pressure factor influence on the hydraulic oil viscosity can be neglected, first consider the effect of temperature on the viscosity; When the temperature rises, the oil molecular cohesion decreases, and its viscosity is present.
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