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How to see punching machine manufacturers are not normal?

by:Ragos     2021-05-10
How to determine a press brake machine manufacturer is normal manufacturer, how to do? Small make up today to share my own experience to share. 1, first of all, you can directly through the industrial and commercial bureau website, query the name of the company, such as: nantong CNC machine tool co. , LTD. , is a to the company registration of industrial and commercial registration information. 2, in order to ensure the customer's trust more, can choose to bending vendors would field trip. That this is a relatively safe. After 3, the punch press factory, and we will look at the company's strength, can see punching quality. Agree, if you consult the price is lower than the market average, it just means you have of the enterprise is small, can't guarantee product quality, not to mention, after-sales service guarantee. The company is specializing in machine tool manufacturers, the company offer for unification, relevant supporting manufacturers, such as bearing, gear, shaft, electric appliances, motor, etc. With domestic well-known manufacturers supply, ensure the product quality, at the same time costs are relatively high, so our products high quality and high cost performance, no false price composition, quality is excellent! Offer tax price inclusive of delivery charges, according to the national standards of quality assurance for a year!
press brake machine manufacturer of press brake machine work demands
1) Hydraulic press movement request, linear motion speed, stroke, the speed, Angle of rotation, and action sequence, etc. 2) Output force or torque requirements, that is, the size of the force and moment. 3) Hydraulic punching machine working environment requirements, such as work place of temperature, humidity, vibration, shock, dust and fire, riot gear, and so on and so forth. 4) With hydraulic press machinery, electrical and hydraulic system cooperate relationship of requirements. 5) The requirements of control mode, such as manual, automatic control and remote control and other requirements, such as price, size and shape aesthetic design requirements, etc. Hydraulic press work or have abnormal sound, ( Such as combo crackling sound, Should stop feeding, check the reason. Such as moving parts are loose, loose controlling device failure, mould and defects, should stop to repair. After each rush & ndash; Artifacts, hands or feet must leave the button or pedal, in order to prevent wrong operation. Hydraulic deep throat press special equipment side of the blade is in the article, Belt, volume) Feed side cut out feed positioning hole press brake machine. Article side clamp is on the Belt, volume) Material on one side by the spring pressure, prompting them to the other side close to the guide plate plate parts. Plunger is upward movement top to work (directly or indirectly Sequence) Parts or order material rod parts.
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