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How to reduce the frequency hydraulic punching failure occurs

by:Ragos     2021-01-30
Nowadays many customers because there is no right to operate a good hydraulic press brake machine, result in mold mold damage, unreasonable operation for a long time, is not only affect the mould become old, yea, to press brake machine the measure can also cause bad effect. , and today we talk about how to fall in hydraulic presses with present frequency: the top of the list, if the machine for more than one location, each cylinder has a circuit switch, every time can only open a circuit switch to operate, can not open multiple oil switch at the same time, otherwise it will not cause stress, speed is slow. Second, after mold, punching inserted into the pipe. Bans on empty when no pipe, otherwise it will damage the mould. When on the hole, if no impact wear, take the initiative to come back, please come near the bottom switch to move down. Third, in the half hole, if the hole above no impact wear, take the initiative to come back, please put the center near the switch to move down, if have rushed to the bottom of the tube, please send the center near the switch to move up. Fourth, piercing pain, see if blunt needle blade has passivation, if have passivation grinding blunt needle down please, or buy a new blunt needle to the manufacturer. Fifth, the hydraulic oil temperature should be controlled between 30 ~ 60 ℃. In cold weather should be switched on idle running for a period of time; Long after punching, should always check to see if the oil temperature overheating; Hot summer don't work all day, to avoid the high temperature at noon time. Sixth, homework after 10000 hours, or use four years ( To prevail) , please replace the hydraulic oil and check to see if the hydraulic oil cylinder, hydraulic pump damage. How is press brake machine down more than six problems present frequency hydraulic press brake machine advice, for your reference, thank you guys for supporting us!
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