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How to quickly occupied the domestic numerical control punch press market

by:Ragos     2021-01-17
CNC punch press and related skills is beginning in the 1970 s to the introduction of the domestic market, through the moment of just ten years, the domestic enterprise in about leading CNC punch skills on the basis of the digestion and absorption, to develop more domestic brands, and with affordable, quality stable features quickly occupied domestic CNC punch press mall. This month, the audience daily online condemned & other; For a day for a throughout the &; Father Su Daqiang, le look into the Ming to bicker with him, the son of sympathy MingYu stronger independent daughter, mood follow ups and downs Sue home & hellip; … A decade ago, CNC punch press this word sounds feeling letting a person is high-tech, when there is no formal domestic CNC punch production factory, CNC punch press equipment demand, needs to order from abroad, the price is very noble, when a CNC punch press in about 1. 6 million or so, because the price is too high, many machinery factory as long as the hope and stopped, only at the time of state-owned enterprises has talent acquisition of such equipment. All acquisition ability is limited, when imported CNC punch pin only per year on average more than 40 Taiwan to domestic. In real life, there are many Su Mingyu type of girl, not distributing leaflets encounter people's luck, nor MingYu on learning & other; Control & throughout; , even in the beginning, will lose the chance to change destiny. Beginning with the development of the science and technology, the domestic enterprise produces CNC punch press. This time is also a CNC punch press in the most difficult moments, valued at more than 60 domestic production of CNC punch press, imported equipment is 1. 6 million, price difference is too big, lead to the manufacturer is not easy to try to buy in China, has been China's machinery industry association statistics, by the end of 4 domestic produce by our own research and development of CNC punch press more than 1800 enterprises, this paper queries speech in the future, 05 years, major machinery manufacturers in the marketing plan, the project contains the numerical control punch. Since then, the domestic CNC press brake machine press has been gradually occupies the entire store in China, the original seller in China place proportion are less imported punch, due to the impact of the domestic press, sales was blocked, all sales of failed to open the door.
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