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How to properly remove the hydraulic press hydraulic cylinder

by:Ragos     2021-06-17
Hydraulic cylinder is the drawback of the brief in hydraulic press equipment components, when the hydraulic cylinder faults problems to the normal operation of hydraulic presses not, at this time will do a good job in the hydraulic cylinder repair work, need to open it, hydraulic cylinder, then, how to correctly open hydraulic press hydraulic cylinder? 1, open before the hydraulic oil cylinder, should make the unloading hydraulic circuit, otherwise, when the tubing with cylinder connected to loosen, circuits of high pressure oil will facilitate gush out. Hydraulic pressure when the back pressure relief should be loosen the place such as overflow valve handwheel or tensioner, make the pressure oil unloading, then the detection power or block the source of power, make the hydraulic equipment continuous operation. 2, open it, should avoid to damage the top of the piston rod thread, oil mouth and piston rod appearance and the inner wall of the cylinder liner, etc. In order to avoid the piston rod and elongated bend or attachments, use bound suspension wire placed, use stow-wood bearing cylinder body balance. According to the order when you 3, apart. First put off four column hydraulic cylinder two cavity of the oil, then disassemble the cylinder head, eventually open piston and piston rod. When open the cylinder head of hydraulic cylinder, cohesion of card key or card about the card key ring, have to use a special tool, do not allow the hammer or hard to pry. When piston and piston rod is difficult to take, not to play, should first find out the reason and then to open it. 4, open it and try to create conditions to avoid hydraulic press hydraulic cylinder parts are surrounding the pollution of dust and impurities. For example, open should be carried out in a clean environment; After disassemble all parts with the plastic cover, do not use cotton cloth cover or other assignments. 5, oil cylinder apart after careful examination, to determine which parts can continue to use, what parts can be repaired before use, which is necessary to replace parts. In order to avoid the damage situation when the hydraulic cylinder in the open, the operator should be carried out in accordance with the above introduction, dismantling.
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