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How to prolong the service life of planing machine equipment

by:Ragos     2021-06-20
Planing machine improve work efficiency. Using high power feeding motor, before installing 2 high speed steel cutter, carbide cutter, install 3 after maximum cutting depth 1 at a time. 2mm。 Cutting efficiency is more than five times higher than that of traditional models. Today is the one of the most advanced planing machine in China. Planer slot machines, extend the service life of the equipment. Because of the new product made by carbon tool steel workbench, hardness HRC55 - after high frequency quenching 60, workbench hardness hardness is greater than the stainless steel plate, so the workbench wear is small, and there are four side to change. Thoroughly solved the work long hours for workbench low hardness and problems of the trench. Planing machine adopts after feeding structure, fixed beams, the worktable can be replaced, completely solve the problem of deformation of countertops, ensure the work surface flatness & plusmn; 0. 3 mm, solving the problem of the depth of the slot quality precision. 1, the machine is made of high strength steel plate welding, the heat insulation tempering elimination welding stress, high strength, good stability. 2, processing artifacts from the front into, hydraulic clamping, hydraulic pressure plate, a high degree of automation, convenient operation. 3, working independently adjustable, its cutting precision can be controlled in 0. 02mm。 4, head adopts servo drive, mobile torque, deceleration is fast, accurate location, high efficiency. 5, main shaft adopt gear and rack driving, strong rigidity, small resistance, increase energy efficiency and save energy. 6, planer slot position servo nc positioning, double wire rod synchronous transmission, accurate location, good parallelism. After 7, machine tool positioning platform through steel pipe connection, ensure the board face level off, reduce the surface deformation caused by error.
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