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How to prolong the service life of line spring machine?

by:Ragos     2021-03-19
Transfer line spring machine is widely used in numerous spring processing fields but the price of transfer line press brake machine cost is relatively high, many companies want to make own line spring machine equipment have a longer life cycle, how to prolong the service life of line spring machine? To ensure the normal working load, transfer line spring machine is when the design has certain load index, normally use is has a long service life, but if it is a long time to get equipment overload, when the parts under load is higher than average design load, wear speed will greatly improve, it's easy to get to speed up the wastage of the body. And transfer line spring machine in unstable situation when used under the load, overload operation of the engine, the failure rate will increase dramatically, also bad for line spring machine equipment used for a long time. Reduce the influence of mechanical impurities, dirt, dust, metal scraps, mechanical impurities will affect press brake machine, because these arrive once in machinery or mechanical impurity cooperate between surface, easy to accelerate parts wear, make the equipment movement the blockage, machinery with the surface of the scraped will also destroy the lubricating oil film, the larger damage to equipment. So the device using the environment, and form a complete set of spare parts and lubricating oil to be more careful, as far as possible from the source to eliminate impurities. To reduce the influence of temperature factor: operation under different temperature, transfer line spring machine of main drive gear and bearing wear speed is not the same, both in the low temperature is below zero in more than 50 ℃ high temperature, will speed up the deterioration of lubricating oil, so that the equipment wear degree increase greatly. So the use of process equipment, often should check all kinds of thermometer, both to prevent over load operation of high temperature environment, as well as attention to low temperature, low temperature environment after reach specified temperature and then to work properly. To make wire press brake machine has a long service life, in addition to choose a spring machine of high quality equipment, at the same time in daily use process should pay more attention to the compliance operation maintenance, better so as to prolong the service life of equipment. At present, a lot of numerical control can provide the market with high quality line spring machine, superior quality equipment has long service life.
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