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How to prolong the service life of CNC planer machine and improve the processing capacity

by:Ragos     2021-03-31
How to prolong the service life of CNC planer machine and improve the processing capacity of sheet metal bending before a v-shaped slot, after making the workpiece bending angular, cooperate with right, appearance is beautiful and easy. The plank after through the slot, can be in the CNC bending machine with general mold fold shape complicated special closed profiles. Improved version slot machine is a traditional grooving machine upgrade products. After the conveying mechanism, beam fixed type, countertops made of carbon tool steel hardness up to 55 - after high-frequency surface hardening 60 hrc ( Ordinary mesa < 30 HRC) , make the workbench is stiffer than stainless steel, completely solve the traditional model because of the work surface hardness is low, the phenomenon of the trench. And mesa four face alternate replacement, ensure the work surface flatness & le; ± 0. 3 mm, completely solve due to lower work surface deformation of the problem of the precision of V groove, extend the service life of the equipment. Upgrade slot machine is our company combined with South Korea the latest models of product research and development, the model adopts the gantry structure, machine tools in the center of the large processing one-time whole, high smoothness, small deformation, and countertops can be used in the subsequent itself in the reprocessing, ensure the machining accuracy. Hydraulic pressure foot does not need to repeatedly carry, cutting chip will not damage plate surface. Three axis machine ( Y1, Y2 axis Z axis) By servo control, greatly improve the processing speed and accuracy. Updated version implements of plank of vertical and horizontal direction of the two slot, solved the improved version processing sheet metal width restricted factors, improve the processing ability of the equipment.
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