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How to prevent mechanical punching process caused by uneven when finished product shape inconsistent problem

by:Ragos     2021-03-28
With automated processing application form on the general mechanical press, the traditional wafer blanking production process technology is mixed and disorderly, and a lot can happen in the process of manufacturing of the metal strip of scrap, laying waste to the original data. And automation in the press brake machine press equipment configuration, ratten, leveling machine, feeder, in order to promote the efficiency of the wafer blanking processing production and made great changes to data. Partial pendulum wafer blanking processing production line use mould for wafer blanking progressive die, staggered distribution before and after the process form, can realize multiple wafers in a plane coining. Ensure that each processing sheet metal pressure parts of the pressure balance, avoid general machinery punching processing, wafer caused by uneven when finished product shape inconsistent problem. Press on the Settings of the servo feeder, can make the wafer blanking process not only can realize a stamping for multiple wafer processing effect, in many times after stamping, can achieve satisfactory cutting blanking, real realize the high efficiency, energy saving, material saving, energy saving blanking processing.
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