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How to operate high speed punch to reduce the error between the parts

by:Ragos     2021-03-13
1, correct use equipment maintenance and handling equipment, security shall not be any open. 2, check the punch the transmission, cohesion, smooth and protective equipment is normal insurance, in areas such as the filling mold screw is necessary, cannot be moved. 3, press before the operation should be short assignments 2 & ndash; 3 minutes, see the foot brake control equipment such as flexibility, admitted to rear can normal use, shall not take a disease. 4, to pay more attention to smooth before driving, take all floating on the surface of the bed put items. 5, press brake machine moving or assignment of coining, the operator to stand properly, hand and head should be with press insist must intervals, and always keep an eye on the press brake machine movement, to stop chatting with others. 6, strike or allegations by small artifacts, use special things, may not be directly with the hand feeding or pick-up. Around 7, punch should stick to unclog the place clean, journey, stop packing products and other items in the danger zone. 8, to prevent overload stamping, machining operators should strictly enforce the standards, to prevent overlapping cutting, to prevent punch overload operation. 9, homework before check pressure numerical value, can not meet the rules of pressure value can't drive. 10, open before starting the oil-water separator drain valve, discharge oil, water, and according to the specific circumstances, regular replacement of oil-water separator filter material. See how much oil mist device, often insist on enough oil. On the matter, when 11, mould, the mould for turn by hand to ensure correct orientation, punch try to rush, Empty) To ensure that in the mold in outstanding cases. 12 there, workshop programming, personal check, program input before check whether the manipulation of the switch knob on the right position. Single shot, limbs to calls on hand and foot brake, it is necessary to flush a move ( Step) Once, beware. 13, strike or allegations usbam parts, should establish system of safety rack or adopt other safety measures, avoid digging. 14, control box, computer startup may not touch the keyboard, avoid the loss of data form program is not available. 15, when two or more persons operating together, as a move ( Step) The action of brake, it is necessary to pay attention to feed people, a side to stop, move ( Step) Brake. High speed precision stamping process to produce high power, using range is very wide, which can make the appearance of small parts, and can make a lot of car components, and even some high fine, switch is messy parts, can also be processed. Therefore, stamping processing cloth in mechanical manufacture, transportation, aviation, shipping, agricultural machinery, light industry, machinery, electrical appliances, appearance production section, in a sense, nantong high-speed press brake machine stamping processing is that these parts progress to produce power, the basic way to drop the product cost.
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