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How to improve the machining accuracy of CNC bending machine?

by:Ragos     2021-08-26
At present, the application of CNC bending machines is very common. The installation and use of CNC bending equipment can clamp the material through the force of the magnetic field, and it can also be flexibly adjusted according to the processing requirements. In this process, various processing operations can be completed, or Better meet the production process standards. With the installation and use of CNC bending equipment in more and more places, people now have a lot of questions about the processing accuracy of the equipment. How to improve the accuracy when using CNC bending equipment? When installing and using the CNC bending machine, you need to keep the cylinder in good working condition, and also need to check the torsion shaft. The torsion shaft and other devices need to be synchronized. If there is no synchronization, adjust in time to avoid these problems from affecting the equipment. The processing efficiency. During the use of the equipment, attention should also be paid to whether the distance between the back gauges is appropriate. These are items that need to be checked before processing. The operation effect can be ensured by electric adjustment or manual fine-tuning. Before installing and using a CNC bending machine, the user needs to clarify some problems. For example, the accuracy of the equipment processing is greatly related to the physical parameters, and whether the bending angle is appropriate not only solves the adjustment situation of the equipment, but also depends on the thickness and the thickness of the material. Compliance with standards is directly related. Therefore, before using CNC bending equipment for processing and production, it is necessary to do a comprehensive inspection work, so that the application advantages of the equipment can be brought into play. Nowadays, the application of CNC bending machine is very common. In order to make the equipment achieve a more ideal application effect after installation and use, it is necessary to pay attention to the above problems and use it in accordance with the prescribed process.
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