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How to find and eliminate puncher mechanical failure

by:Ragos     2021-06-19
Punch nature of fault is what, how to eliminate it? 1, the crankshaft bearing heating sleeve scrape bad, bad lubrication to grind copper tile, check the lubrication condition. 2, with copper scrap from the flow of oil in the bearing the lack of lubricating oil, lubricating oil is not clean and check the lubrication condition, open bearings cleaning. 3, burning guide rail gap is too small, poor lubrication, contact bad crapping to guide again, adjust the clearance, pay attention to lubrication. 4, when the clutch is not combined with operation or a combination of not open after turning the healthy with spring key lose elasticity with tight replacement spring, crapping key combination of clearance. 5, when the clutch is disengaged slider cannot stop at top dead center position brake belt tension is not enough, brake with excessive wear, there is oil on brake wheel skid brake spring tension adjustment, replace the brake, washed with kerosene brake belt and wheel. 6, return plate material without work is expected to meet to meet wrong position adjustment position turn the handwheel to try out by hand. 7, the connecting rod screws loose rotation or shock locking device rotation locking device. 8, connecting rod screw ball head within the slider ball hit ball head gland poor contact with the ball mat, gland screw loose blow grind ball head, ball pad, tighten cap screws. 9, press button ( Open) Not working power supply circuit, thermal power breaker check circuit system to eliminate failure.
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