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How to ensure the clearance between the punch punch size

by:Ragos     2021-04-01
Press how to ensure the clearance between the punch. By analyzing the punching waste, mold clearance fit can be determined. Choose the right mold clearance, to ensure good quality press brake machine, sheet metal forming, effectively prevent pick-up, prolong the life of the mold. CNC punching die punch, maintain the best clearance waste on the surface of the fracture surface and the light have the same point of view, and overlap each other. CNC punching die, can reduce the blanking force, piercing burr is very small, so the processing function of the product quality is good. It is related to the thickness, material quality and punching process. If the clearance is too large, will waste smaller fractures and the rough surface of ups and downs. Digital control is to point to rush to the lower die, die clearance on both sides of the gap. If the gap is too small, the waste will lead to low Angle fracture and more polished surface. Deep drawing, bending forming die, such as large gap increases salt pieces mouth size error and springback. Cutting operation, including common press brake machine, cutting, trimming, etc. , according to the manufacturer for each sheet metal punching parts is necessary. Blanking clearance is small, uniform, can obtain higher precision blanking press brake machine size. Clearance, as a result of punching burr increase and uneven uneven wear of front CNC punching die.
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