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How to ensure the accuracy of processing?

by:Ragos     2021-04-01
When using punch of processing, its impact load has certain precision requirement, so you can work out high precision products, so, in the actual production, how to guarantee the accuracy of the press brake machine to load? 1, the first is the verticality of convex die and concave die, also is to ensure that lower die together. 2, the second is the elastic cushion, goes to zero at the end of the cutting load, due to punch the deformation energy of punch in die suddenly, this kind of hammer buffer is the cause of loss of mould. In high precision blanking, the deformation of the delta is important, should prevent or restricted to a minimum. To this end, punch must ensure that the static accuracy. Especially C shape framework punch result of deformation, it's easy to have a lower die centerline large tilt, parallelism occurs deviation. Tilt the shear plane, produce burr, obviously shortened the die life. Especially high speed automatic punch, because the cutting force is periodic repeatedly, so the rigidity of less than two times more than ordinary punch, each part will produce abnormal deformation, deflection and make a big noise and vibration, so can't for continuous operation. Like this job must use A1 magnitude of punch, should use A super small punch.
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