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How to effectively prolong the service life of punch grinding mold

by:Ragos     2021-03-31
In view of the press brake machine and die different specific types of specifications, the user should combine actual to recognize and summarize experience, play out the mold's performance, should properly adjust the position of the mold before and after use to prevent the on the way out of the question. 1) Grinding, gripping the press brake machine on the vertical magnetic chuck V groove surface grinder or jig, each grinding amount to zero. 03 ~ 0. 5 mm, repeat until grinding press brake machine, sharp grinding quantity biggest general to 0. 1 to 0. 3mm。 2) Using sintered alumina grinding wheel, D ~ J hardness, abrasive size 46 ~ 60, had better choose is suitable for high speed grinding wheel. 3) When big or mold close to the grinding wheel grinding force, and to prevent overheating and cracking of mould cooling fluid can or annealing, shall, in accordance with requirements of the manufacturers to choose high quality multi-purpose coolant. 4) Grinding wheel down feed quantity of 0. 03 ~ 0. 8 mm, transverse feeding 0. 13 ~ 0. 25 mm, transverse feed rate 2. 5 to 3. 8m/min。 5) After grinding, with oil stone grinding blade, deburring, grinding out radius 0. 03 ~ 0. 05 mm rounded corners, it can prevent the split. ,Z+A1Y5Z- 我; X % D $提问 I3z 6) demagnetization process and spray lubricating oil to prevent rust.
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