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How to effectively extend the service life of punch die

by:Ragos     2021-03-30
One, to ensure that the best mold clearance mold clearance refers to press brake machine into the lower die, on both sides of the gap. It related to the thickness, material quality and stamping process, choose the right mold clearance, to ensure the quality of good punching, reduce burr and collapse, keep the sheet metal formation, effectively prevent the pick-up, extend the life of the mold. By examining the punching waste, can determine whether the mould clearance fit. If the clearance is too large and the waste, there will be a rough rolling fracture and the smaller light plane. Gap, the greater the rupture surface and light surface form the greater the Angle, punching will form the edge and fracture, there is even a thin edge swelled. Waste on the other hand, if the clearance is too small, there will be a small Angle fracture and larger shining surface. When local grooving, step blunt, shear, as well as stamping, lateral force will make the press brake machine deflection caused by unilateral gap is too small, sometimes scratch edge offset in the lower die, cause rapid wear from mould. Stamping mould with best clearance, waste of fracture and the surface of the light have the same point of view, and overlap each other, which can minimize the blanking force, piercing the burr is very small. Second, timely grinding can effectively extend the service life of mould if artifacts appear too much burr or abnormal noise when stamping, may be die passivation. Check the punch and die, when its edge wear produces radius is about 0. The circular arc of the 10 mm, sharpening. Practice shows that the regular micro grinding rather than wait until the grinding and grinding, will not only keep good workpiece quality, reducing the cutting force, and can make the die life extend more than double. In addition to know when the mold grinding, to master the correct grinding method is particularly important. Die grinding procedure is as follows: 1) Grinding, gripping the punch on the vertical magnetic chuck V groove surface grinder or jig, each grinding amount to zero. 03 ~ 0. 5 mm, repeat until grinding press brake machine, sharp grinding quantity biggest general to 0. 1 to 0. 3mm。 2) Using sintered alumina grinding wheel, D ~ J hardness, abrasive size 46 ~ 60, had better choose is suitable for high speed grinding wheel. 3) When big or mold close to the grinding wheel grinding force, and to prevent overheating and cracking of mould cooling fluid can or annealing, shall, in accordance with requirements of the manufacturers to choose high quality multi-purpose coolant. 4) Grinding wheel down feed quantity of 0. 03 ~ 0. 8 mm, transverse feeding 0. 13 ~ 0. 25 mm, transverse feed rate 2. 5 to 3. 8m/min。 5) After grinding, with oil stone grinding blade, deburring, grinding out radius 0. 03 ~ 0. 05 mm rounded corners, it can prevent the split. 6) demagnetization process and spray lubricating oil to prevent rust. Three, eliminate and reduce the size of method because the stamping pressure and heat, tiny particles will sheet bonded on the surface of the punch, lead to poor quality of punching. Remove viscous material available fine abrasive grinding, grinding direction should be the same as the direction of motion of the punch, so will avoid further after light glue material. Don't use coarse gauze, such as grinding, so as to avoid the punch surface more rough, more likely to stick. Reasonable die clearance, good stamping process, as well as the necessary sheet metal lubrication, will reduce the size. To prevent overheating, generally with the method of lubrication, this will reduce the friction. If unable to lubrication or waste, rebound, can adopt the following methods: take turns to use more of the same size punch stamping alternately, can make its before being reused have longer cooling time. Overheating the mould stop to use. By programming control in die, interrupt the repeat work for a long time, stamping or reduce its frequency. Four, strong measures to prevent the deformation of sheet metal when it is porous if rushed on a plate is porous, due to the accumulation of punching shear stress plank cannot maintain level. In terms of the above content is the usual situation, given the punch and die different specific types of specifications, the user should combine actual to understanding and summing up experience, to play the best performance out of the mould.
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