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How to deal with bending Angle and shape dimension deviation

by:Ragos     2021-03-31
CNC bending machine 】 How to deal with bending Angle and shape in terms of the size deviation for bending process, the pros and cons of bending forming is the key to bending Angle and shape size is very important to the two main parameters. Bending, in order to ensure the bending forming shape size and Angle of view, the need to pay special attention to the following several aspects. (1) fluctuation model of cutter is not the same heart, will result in bending shape size deviation, need before bending to the lower die cutting tools make the right adjustments. 2 pieces of or so behind after moving parts, sheet metal and the relativity of lower die parts will be changed a lot, and shadow to the bending shape dimension, before bending needs to accurately measure the spacing block parts behind again. (3) the workpiece and the lower die parallelism is insufficient, lead to bending springback, shadow to the bending Angle, bending before need to accurately measure and adjust the degree of parallelism. (4) every time bending Angle is not enough, again also received a shadow to the bent deviation accumulation will lead to the workpiece bending forming shape size and Angle of deviation, thus ensuring unilateral is very important to the precision of bending. 5] when bending, the size of the lower die V mouth is inversely proportional to the bending stress, in the different thickness of the sheet metal machining, need according to the rules to choose the appropriate mode of V shape groove, the general selection of thickness of 6 ~ 8 times the most appropriate. [6] the workpiece after the plane v-shaped groove on the bending machine for bending, to make sure that on its edge, V groove bottom the workpiece and the lower die V groove bottom in the same vertical surface. Once on the plane after the trough artifacts do bending, in order to prevent nipped dao, die Angle on the best control in 84 & deg; The left and right sides.
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