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How to correctly use a high quality CNC bending machine

by:Ragos     2021-06-19
Bending mold is made of high quality steel products made by special processing, has the high hardness, not easy to wear and tear, tolerance big advantages, but each mold has its limits under pressure: t/m, so when using the mould to correctly choose the length of the mold, that is, how much per meter to add pressure, must not be more than mould with the pressure. In order not to damage the mould, we set on the origin, provisions must be used up and down the length of the modules to the origin, to the good origin after just can use the same height of the upper die and lower die. Split small modules is strictly prohibited to the origin, and the origin must according to the internal origin of the machine for the standard pressure. When using the mold, according to the material hardness, thickness of the sheet metal, length, to choose the appropriate upper and lower die, generally used by the standard of 5 ~ 6 t lower die, the length is longer than the sheet, harder when the material, thickness of material, the greater the slot with wider application of lower die. When using the mould, due to the height of the various kinds of mold, and so on one machine can only be used when choosing mould also the height of the mould, can't use different height of the mould. When bending long workpiece, had better not use segmented mold, reduce the knife indentation, and choose the best single slot, because of the single slot mold of V groove outside, R is large, is not easy to produce bending creasing. When bending acute Angle or pressure corner, should choose 30 degrees, fold acute Angle, after crushing, when bending R Angle, should choose die for die on R and R. When choosing upper die, specific which one to use on the mold, we should know about all the parameters of the mould, and then according to the shape of the product shape, you need to decide what kind of upper die. When using the mold, should be clear, the machine after on the origin should lock the upper and lower die, don't let die down, hurt or injured mould, operating process, pressurized attention, do not add too much pressure, pay attention to the screen shows the data changes. In the hardware or sheet metal bending rigidity, thickness of the product, are not allowed to use a mold to bent steel or other cylindrical products. Finished die back in time to die on the shelf, and press the logo and often cleaning the dust on the mould, and coated with anti-rust oil, prevent rust, reduce the mould precision.
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