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How to choose the suitable punch type

by:Ragos     2021-03-29
Introduce you to press stress calculation and press brake machine type choice, choose the appropriate punch must first clear stamping cut weeks long term is how many mm, thickness is more than kill mm, sheet material. The following give you an example: in iron plate punching round hole above, for example, 10 mm in diameter, thickness 2 mm. To calculate the first weeks long, 10 x3. 14 = 31. 4 ( The circumference of the round hole) According to the following formula ( Perimeter * * 50/50 the thickness) The 31 is calculated. 4 * 2 * 50/1000 = 3. 14 tons punching has rejected material pressure commonly, like this back pressure is not a great estimate 2 tons, 2 + 3 tons. 14 = 5. 14 tons should choose 6 like this. 3 tons punch press, actually consider the nominal pressure stroke of punch all kinds ( That is what type punch can impact how thick plate) 6. 3 tons of nominal power trip to 1. 5 mm, let's this 2 mm plate is not suitable, the required pressure is unlikely, press brake machine a variety of nominal pressure trip it is important to figure it out. So for example the punch model is 10 tons, if, for example, thickness of 1. 5 mm, 6. 3 tons punch appropriate range, select 6. 3 tons press brake machine is ok!
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