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How to choose the economical multifunctional stretcher hydraulic press

by:Ragos     2021-03-14
Multifunctional stretcher hydraulic press operation by a crank connecting rod slider mechanism inertial force generated by the inertial force is much larger than ordinary punch, the inertial force make the multifunctional stretcher hydraulic punching machine produces the vibration noise pollution, and reduce its stamping precision, therefore, for the balance of inertial force of multifunctional stretcher hydraulic press is extremely important. In choosing a press brake machine according to different industries, different effect, choose different types of products. supplier profile, turret mold tumultuous CNC punch press, used for processing line, up, up the bridge of complex holes. Two cyclotron location is important. Other useful punch press, the mould complexity pleading, it is not too high. Look at how to choose the economy practical punch below. Multifunctional stretcher hydraulic punching machine more than 20 times of sliding block weight, inertia force amplitude and vertical inertial force is greater than total weight punch machine, and such an enormous inertia force, to press the normal stamping production can produce very serious, the influence of the corresponding improving measures must be taken. Multi-function hydraulic press is on the first full automatic stamping equipment industry, intelligent servo electro-hydraulic compound press, compared with the traditional punching and injection molding machines, both on the mechanical structure, or on the control system and function have great breakthrough. Hydraulic press brake machine adopts the independent research and development of double infinite loop servo system control method, high degree of humanization, full automation, intelligent and powerful. 1, cabinets, chassis and other sheet metal processing appropriate press brake machine, depending on the turret mould number, complete configuration layout is different, the price gap. 2, screen mesh filter tube, solar energy, such as processing for CNC punch press, according to the feeder size is different, different configuration, the price is different. 3, the thick plate plate punching, need to use thick plate in the numerical control punch press, and there are differences between the punch drawing sheet CNC punch press trap, the price is different. 4, punching accuracy of plus or minus 0, 1 mm. 5, choice of tonnage: 16/20/25/40/100/63/80. 200 tons. 6, other parameters, different model is different, convention of is 2500 * 1250 mm, there are other size selection. 7, vertical, horizontal, gantry machining principle, entry widget configuration, domestic production, quality, function better static press factory. 8, automobile production enterprises, longitudinal beam and other large steel need CNC punching production line, girders, trabecular, CNC press brake machine, auto longeron production line, with ordinary CNC punch press difference is very big, the price is different. 9, hydraulic driven high speed high speed CNC punch press, the price is different. Multifunctional stretcher hydraulic press because of the inertia force is too large, with pneumatic balance cylinders when its size is too big, the slider speed high pneumatic sealing ring can't afford, the inferior vena frequently on the exhaust of pneumatic balance cylinder, without proper pneumatic valve can meet the rapid directional frequency, therefore, should not be on the multifunctional stretcher hydraulic press use pneumatic balance cylinder form of inertia force balance.
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