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How to choose suitable for CNC bending machine

by:Ragos     2021-03-29
To what kind of parts, production on your greatest bending machine conditions were determined to choose, don't have to choose those who do not need tonnage. In addition, in order to select the minimum tonnage specifications, the thickness of the production parts are able to select more than itself, in this case, can guarantee the machine in certain cases, do not do work load, ensure the service life of CNC bending machine. The user needs to do is to carefully consider the material brand and maximum thickness and length. If most of the work is the thickness of the gauge, the maximum length of 10 feet of low carbon steel, so free bending force not greater than 50 tons. However, if it is engaged in a lot of a bottom die forming, maybe a 150 tonnage of the machine tool should be considered. Assume that the thickest material is 1/4 ', 10 feet free bending need 165 tons, and a bottom die bending ( Calibration curve) Need at least 600 tons. If most of the workpiece is five feet or more shorter, tonnage almost in half, so as to greatly reduce the purchase cost. For the choice of the bending machine is mainly according to the user's own situation to choose, this is certain, is also the direct factors to reduce the production cost. Bending machine can also be used for the workpiece and killed, the workpiece bending to 30 degrees, first with a flat workpiece and killed with a knife, but generally available ordinary press brake machine completed crushing and try not to arrange to bending machine, because the edge of press brake machine crushing effect is relatively better. When arranging process, a lot of time to consider whether good bending, bending, whether the problem that because the bending is a very important process, the bending is good operation directly affect the bending quality guarantee, but a lot of time appear quality problems are come from bending size is no good control, so in the process of design also want to pay special attention to the problem of bending, this is related to the stability of product quality when mass production.
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