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How to choose ordinary bending machine? Choose the right type of CNC bending machine?

by:Ragos     2021-08-26
First of all, let's talk about ordinary bending machines, that is, non-CNC bending machines, which we usually call general machines. General machine tool manufacturers can produce all kinds of CNC bending machines, but the quality of ordinary machines best represents the ingenuity of an enterprise. Market share of CNC bending machine 1 equipment. In the Internet age, when you need a product, many manufacturers will sell you their products, brag about themselves and belittle others. But are these convincing? At this time, the most convincing thing is the market share. In your industry, if you just inquire about it, you will basically know which machine you use is more, which machine is easier to use, and which machine is basically the same. Daddy, the user’s reputation is very important, because they are the front line of people, the most direct contact with the product, and you have to listen to their opinions. 2 The scale of the enterprise directly affects after-sales. You cannot expect a small company with a dozen employees to bring you immediate after-sales. A formal enterprise and a healthy enterprise have a clear division of labor. You can only do so. Only in the enterprise can you believe in bringing you trustworthy products. How to measure the size of an enterprise? I usually advise customers to visit the factory directly. The company is irregular and it is clear at a glance whether the production is busy or not. 3 The two points mentioned above are both general and not directly related to the machine. Next we will talk about the quality of the machine. When you don’t know a bending machine very well, how can we compare it? The first is the size and weight of the machine. The main consumable used by a machine is steel. The machine with an advantage in size and weight is generally stronger and better than the lighter one. The second is accuracy. To understand the accuracy of a machine, you have to take your processed parts to the factory's machine to test, but generally there is no such condition. What affects the accuracy of the machine is the backgauge, the strength of the vertical plate, and the mold. The backgauge is now driven by a chain and there is no accuracy. The beam is made of aluminum and looks good, and the plate is deformed after a few hits. There are also screw rods and guide rails. Now capable companies are equipped with ball screws and linear guide rails. The strength of the riser is directly related to the thickness of the riser. 4 Now let's talk about the mold. If you compare a machine to a soldier, the mold is a soldier's weapon. If the weapon is not good, you can't do it with others. And how is the difference between the quality of the mold? The first is the material. 42CrMo is currently a very good material for bending machine molds, and other materials such as Cr6W2Si are also good. In terms of materials, ordinary users can’t tell the difference within a period of time. There are also general molds that are high-frequency quenched, that is, heat treatment is performed on the knife edge, while good factories are full-body heat treatment. Another feature of such a mold is that there is a hole in the mold, which is an obvious feature of full-body heat treatment. . The production cost of whole body heat treatment is much higher than that of knife edge heat treatment. Bending machines are divided into manual bending machines, hydraulic bending machines and CNC bending machines. The bending machine is used for bending thin plates and is a relatively common large machine. When choosing, you should choose according to the purpose, working environment, the degree of bending, the thickness of the sheet and other conditions. How to correctly choose the correct type is our primary knowledge: the price of bending machine_bending machine manufacturer_bending machine wholesale-Zibo Chenhao Machine Tool Manufacturing Co., Ltd. There are many types of bending machines, which can be divided into three categories. It can be subdivided into seven sub-categories. Manual bending machines include mechanical manual bending machines and electric manual bending machines. They are popular because of their small size, low energy consumption, high work efficiency, multiple and fast production, many fields of use, and convenient transportation. Chinese and foreign. The hydraulic bending machine is divided into up-moving type and down-moving type. It adopts all-steel welding structure, which has the characteristics of high strength and high hardness. The counter can accurately display, high precision, and high stability. The overall structure is complete, and it is convenient to use. Operation by high-tech personnel. Numerical control bending machine is a new large-scale machine. Its high precision is favored by many people. It can adopt flexible operation mode, which can be linked with two machines to solve the problem of processing long plates. It can also be operated and processed by a single machine to effectively improve the use. Rate, reduce energy consumption, and compensation is automatically adjusted by the numerical control system, which is convenient and accurate. According to the advantages and disadvantages of various bending machines, choose the appropriate CNC bending machine to maximize the benefits.
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