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How to choose appropriate punch

by:Ragos     2021-03-30
How to select appropriate high-speed press brake machine? Purchasing high-speed press brake machine press should use to select the appropriate models and economic Angle. The first meet production performance; According to the purpose to select appropriate high-speed punch punch! 1, bed material must adopt high grade, high strength cast iron and the stress tempering and natural aging treatment, so as to ensure that its deformation coefficient is small, stable precision. 2, lubrication system must adopt closed forced lubrication, original industrial air duct design, make the main body in the process of stamping cooling faster, more natural. 3, be sure to high-precision processing equipment, strict process, a variety of ( Including magnetic filter head) Filtration system, to ensure that the friction coefficient of agency < 0. 03. 4, be sure to hydraulic locking system - With 50 ㎏ f/cm2, high-pressure automatic locking system, easy operation and ensure the locking force, strong precision. 5, must be equipped with standard reverse dynamic balancing device, realizes the high speed working stability, improve the service life of main parts. 6, first choose microcomputer control system directly displays the press brake machine working state and fault condition, top dead center stop control, is advantageous for the die set and the system self-checking, easy understanding and troubleshooting. 7, air pressure system all adopt the SMC standard components, to ensure the stability of the system work. 8, asked the school model operation control system structure set apart, mutual self-locking function, improve the safety of the operation, the reliability and accuracy of the school mode. 9, to press the main system ( Air, lubrication, pressure locking) Using pressure, according to the measures for the protection of pressure switch, improve the stability of the system. 10, guide with three columns positioning guide and precision accurate, stable, easy detection and maintenance.
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