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How to choose and buy a suitable CNC bending machine

by:Ragos     2021-03-29
(1) according to the processing of bending sheet metal material, plate thickness, to calculate how many tons of CNC bending machine, need to purchase the tonnage here refers to the maximum pressure of bending machine, rather than the CNC bending machine weight; (2) the bending machine blade surface width ( According to plate length) The distance between the mouth and throat depth and pillar; (3) is to select the electro-hydraulic synchronous CNC bending machine or a torsional axis synchronous bending machine is also to consider problem, electro-hydraulic synchronization type bending machine can be more intelligent and automatic, but the price is higher, torsional axis synchronous type bending machine cheap; (4) the choice of electro-hydraulic synchronous bending machine type is more, can be customized according to the needs of machining, such as the number of shaft requirement, type of compensation, laser testing, safety protection, Laser protection or screen protection) And so on.
use press attention
press brake machine is a press brake machine press. With below small make up to learn to use press attention. A, work 1, that press a few times before empty schedule, check the brake, clutch and control part of the work of 2, check the lubrication condition of each part, and make the lubrication get sufficient lubrication 3, check the switch button is sensitive, reliable should see to it that the flywheel and clutch disengaged, can open the motor; 4, with a manual oil pump on the slider to join lithium base ester oil 1, press 2, work performance is not familiar with, shall not be adjusted without press 2, found abnormal should immediately stop work, and check in time. Three, working after 1, will press to wipe clean, countertops tu rust-proof oil 2, make the flywheel and clutch disengaged, cut off the power, release residual air 3, recorded after each run or maintenance. Through the above introduction, everybody does know?
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have three basic components.
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