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How to choose a CNC bending machine CNC system

by:Ragos     2021-03-13
First: the system must be easy to operate. We use CNC bending machine in order to bring us convenient to us to create more value. If complex system design, the operation is complicated, the system may not be good for us. Imagine our staff system in operation, it can also serve the efficiency and precision of the system should be? So a good numerical control system must be simple, easy to learn easy to use. The second: and is the system must be stable. System stability that's obvious, as you know, we don't want to the machine just bought a few days out of the question, affect the mood and delay the production. So how do we know that the system stability? 1 we want to see him in the fixed number of year and word of mouth and ownership of the existence of the market, the product is mature or not. If a product without market inspection and sure the system is not mature, it will inevitably exist such and such a small problem. This kind of phenomenon is like shanzhai phones with apple mobile phone, look the same can be a far cry from 2 system manufacturers, we're going to see a senior automation manufacturers out of the system will be more stable. Nc machine tools the essence of which is actually mechanical automation, general college students can be developed, but few can be successfully applied, why? Actually far is the ideal environment and the actual environment, the lack of core technical team, it is impossible to develop a satisfactory system. Third: see if factory after-sales in a timely manner.
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