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How to better use punch stamping stator

by:Ragos     2021-03-20
is used to complete the press brake machine industry one of the machinery and equipment, among them, the stator punching stamping is also used to complete, has a very unique advantage in stamping stator, the following detailed introduce how to use a punch to stamping stator: first, because each stator is the same bar steel with continuous winding, and after a strong plastic high-speed press brake machine, thus it can be avoided between piece and piece of the material itself or artificial differences and avoid cracks, in the dimensional accuracy, surface treatment and performance is superior to the traditional punch type stator. Second, because of the high speed press brake machine the initial processing of raw materials for the coil and for tooth form staggered to each other, so there is no raw material waste a lot of problems, can improve the material utilization ratio of more than 70%. Third, because of molding positioning device in order to improve the high speed punch loose between and by the end of the rotor in the same straight line, thus it can be ensure rotor after plastic, lower surface roughness. Fourth, due to the high speed press brake machine adopts double material rack, can be an open-book while feeding, with the punch surrounding equipment leveling machine, gear machine, such as cooperate with each other using can achieve the purpose of synchronization stamping feed, thus greatly improve the work efficiency, reduce production costs.
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