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How to better master the operation skills of CNC bending machine

by:Ragos     2021-08-26
The fascinating figure of CNC bending machine will be seen in the production of various large-scale steel structure parts and street lamp pole production. Through the bending of thin plates, various shapes of workpieces can be produced, so how to operate the CNC bending machine? The following are the most practical operating skills: First, turn on the power, then turn on the switch, and then start the oil pump. This sequence must not be confused. Start operating the CNC bending machine by listening to the rotating sound of the oil pump.  Second, you need to step on the foot switch to perform bending processing. You can release your foot at any time when there is something to do, and then step on it to continue the operation. This is designed to be more humane.   Three, when choosing the bending notch, pay attention to the size. It is most suitable to have a width of eight times the thickness of the plate.  Fourth, before operating the CNC bending machine, it is necessary to conduct a proper test to see if there is a gap between the lower and bottom of the upper die. The size of the gap needs to be well controlled.   talk about the operation and maintenance of the angle press brake machine    angle press brake machine, for this machine equipment, it can be said that it is not only a kind of shearing machine, but also one of the website products. Then, based on the above two points, it is imperative to learn and understand, and it cannot be treated carelessly. So, let's take advantage of the free time of the editor, let's explain it, mainly about the knowledge points of its operation and maintenance, I hope everyone can grasp it in time.   Angle press brake machine operation and maintenance, its main content is:    (1) Relevant operators should be very familiar with and understand all aspects of the machine and equipment, so as to avoid blind operation and damage the equipment.   (2) The inside and outside of the equipment should be kept clean and tidy, and dust and dirt should be removed in time. In addition, it must not have problems such as rust and corrosion.  (3) The electrical box in the equipment should be cleaned every day. The blades should be lubricated and maintained daily. The oil level in the oil tank should be checked every day, and the amount should be added in time if the amount is insufficient.   (4) The safety protection devices and accessories on the equipment should be complete and intact.
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