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How to avoid using punch accident

by:Ragos     2021-03-28
Why press brake machine always often appear safety accident? Why press brake machine operators always have often been crushed, fingers, and even hands? How to effectively protect the press brake machine operation worker safety? Especially new recruit punch operation worker safety? The safety of press operators fatigue? Not seen safety accidents appeared safety accidents have caused the loss. Has been installed hands button, handle, such as equipment, are safe? 3, now don't need to, will install later? Safety first, as long as production safety accident risk, may appear safety accident in this time, cause needless loss. 4, small punch or domestic press, don't need? Any a punch press has certain security hidden danger, because of the small punch or institutions and technical level of domestic press itself, is quite prone to accidents. Can prevent the occurrence of safety accidents and reduce losses; At the same time can bring good economic benefits and social benefits for the company. Install safety protector, not add to the cost of the company, but in order to reduce the unnecessary loss. Any a punch press has a certain degree of safety, safety accident is relatively easy. Actually any safety problems caused by the comprehensive cost will far outweigh the direct input to the security and protection products. Three, press brake machine the accident loss and compensation: every equipment caused personal injury accidents to tens of thousands of yuan, even hundreds of thousands of yuan for compensation as well as various other additional fees. Avoid operation risk and the third party, reduce the happening of the emergency; To adapt to the safety supervision departments at all levels of the related provisions of relevant laws and regulations and insurance department; Conform to the customer of commodity procurement, processing and production equipment requirements of the relevant qualification Especially for many famous enterprises of stamping equipment must be installed safety protector) ; A good safety production environment, strengthen the production safety; Promote the technology level of the company processing equipment, enhance company competition ability, more conducive to contract your company to undertake.
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