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How to avoid line spring machine wear problem?

by:Ragos     2021-03-18
Transfer line spring machine under the long-term operation of the high strength, a lot of parts prone to wear, long past prone to the problems, this will affect the service life of equipment and processing quality, how to avoid line spring machine wear problem? To reduce and avoid line spring machine wear problem, the most important is to do daily maintenance for the equipment, when doing the maintenance is sometimes we will according to the requirements of all kinds of equipment, mainly focusing on clean, fastening, adjustments and lubrication, regular maintenance to do the following: level 1 maintenance: refers to the routine maintenance work will focus on the basis of the transition to the on the lubrication of the machine, then check and are the important parts of the fastening parts have been cleaned. Level 2 maintenance, mainly focusing on the inspection and adjustment. Specific check universal press brake machine engine, clutch and transmission parts work, found that when a failure must stop to make the necessary adjustments, after being normal in operation, so that they can better guarantee the machine's working performance. Level 3 maintenance: for tertiary maintain its emphasis is placed on the sent, adjustment and fault is detected. But also on the properties of affect the normal work of the machine parts for diagnosis and examination, must have necessary to replace or adjust the damaged parts, to ensure that the equipment can effective functioning. Above is for line spring machine wear problem of some Suggestions for maintenance, pay attention to daily maintenance can reduce the various problem of equipment, as a large domestic spring factory, in addition to provide more high quality of the line spring machine and wire forming machine, and can also provide customers with perfect after-sales maintenance services, ensure the normal use of equipment.
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