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How to artificially automation punch stamping work?

by:Ragos     2021-05-13
To improve quickly punch equipment use and stamping operation mechanization automation, contain the productivity the great potential of progress. Auxiliary time depends on the size and thickness of the wool, the type of the structure of the mould, punch and punch operation conditions. Progress fast press brake machine productivity, therefore, can follow the following two ways: 1, reduce used in feed, start the quick press brake machine, remove the assignment and the auxiliary time waste. 2, add punch stroke speed quickly, in order to reduce motor moment at all. Advances in productivity, using the method of reduce the auxiliary time can after feeding and remove the part and wool action of mechanization and automation. Quick punch through the automatic feeder, the stamping operation artificialization all turn to automation, can add 10 times to 100 times more productivity.
punch punch to processed products play an important role in the
punch press brake machine for product processing, due to an important effect in stamping die accessories. Therefore, planning a reasonable punch punch is necessary part. Then, press the punch how plan? What shape is the requirement to its, in today's the vernal equinox solar terms, you press brake machine small make up of the punch punch for punch accessories in shape require sharing: the & # 160; 1, as far as possible to prevent the punch rectangle, due to the rectangular punch easily jump waste. 2, the punch should prevent long cantilever and slot. Because of the cantilever will affect the strength of the punch. Slot will affect the strength of the die. The punch as far as possible to prevent the sharp corners. 3, the punch should do anti stripping structure, and considering the processing technology, try to use grinding machine and line cutting processing, cut electric discharge machining. 4, two punch at the connecting interface, in the case of ensure smooth cutting, minimize product interface bearing upper punch intrusive, for some products, the intrusive, location and shape of the interface, to the senate with customers to develop together. Bending vendors would spirit of 'pioneering and innovative, based on the market for development; High quality, high efficiency, whole-hearted service for users 'spirit of enterprise, is committed to the development of high precision press brake machine and its accessories, planning, production and sale!
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