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How to adjust the back gauge cutter of CNC bending machine

by:Ragos     2021-08-26
The minimum distance of the CNC bending machine from the tool, that is, the safe positioning distance, is usually 10mm. The specific adjustment method is that the X-axis origin of the above tool tip is set to 10, and then the center of the lower die slot corresponding to the upper die is set to Adjust the spacing between the stop points of the latter rule to 10mm, measured with a measuring tool, if there is an error, manually fine-tune the protection setting of the machine to 10mm. However, we will manually raise the 'backer' 0.5mm higher than the lower abrasive tool during processing, so that it will not hit the CNC bending machine mold. After raising it, you can enter 5mm, that is, the minimum distance you ask is 5mm ( (The thickness of the plate is 1.2mm or less) Under normal circumstances, the range of the back gauge is between 20-500. If the mold is bent, it is half of the knife edge opening. How to transform an ordinary CNC bending machine into an effective machine Ordinary CNC bending machine greatly affects production efficiency, and can not meet the accuracy required by existing products; if the cost of adding a new CNC bending machine is relatively high, ordinary bending Idle bending machine is also a waste. Thereby, the production efficiency of the bending machine is improved, the bending accuracy is improved, and the cost is greatly saved.  Technical requirements:   1. Electrical part: Numerical control system: Increase numerical control system E210 + suspension arm. Servo system: replace the original ordinary three-phase asynchronous motor drive with a servo drive motor. Electric control box: If permitted by the original electric box, add 2 sets of servo drives, circuit breakers, and intermediate relays inside the electric box. It is also possible to reconfigure a small electric box and make an independent electric box with the added components according to the needs. As long as the power is drawn from the electric box, the increased numerical control input and output signals and the newly configured electric box signals are exchanged. Yes.  2. Mechanical part: The part of the back gauge is installed with the servo motor to process the transition piece (the installation size of the ordinary motor is different from the size of the ESTUN servo motor that needs to be replaced, and needs to be reprocessed) to reduce errors.  3. Hydraulic system: retain the original hydraulic system, and the newly added CNC system can flexibly assemble the output control of the original machine tool valve group.
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