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How the press industry is rapidly developed

by:Ragos     2021-04-22
Press in recent years, in the list of powerful exhibition steps, China machine tool & other; High, refined, sharp & throughout; Product method often appeared in the new industry within the boundaries the famous finches, rave reviews, we saw the inductive power in China's machine tool industry have raised a powerful fact, also shows that in terms of comprehensive range and key points of varieties, the city has already arrive at top of heaven and earth. In 2006, China's machine tool industry as China's supply of machine tool number is 40 to 500000 units, 85756 sets of CNC machine tools ( Another 4, 50000 nc cheap electricity not included) , in terms of the number of alive bound is singular. Is the variety of machine tools, to meet the user industry every specification, for building the public more than 3500 varieties, including CNC machine more than 1500, the figures in the world have ingredients. China's nc machine tools is complete variety, market need regardless of vehicles, milling, grinding, special processing, and zhengzhou press various kinds of metal metal sheet forming machine and so on. Developed very fast, at the same time, China's market demand is very big, China machine tool products in terms of the domestic market occupation rate, press brake machine manufacturer about 44 last year. 6, equipment product market share of about 65. journey was spontaneous and just set the trip as from 13 to 38, control may, according to the way can take parting mold material livelihood mold data items, the mould is automatically, super easy ( With the stroke) Automatic calibration set value, high pressure, such as high speed running, according to the high speed automatic adjustment mode, can locate Angle, 0 180 degrees. Twists and turns, etc. There are a lot of peace of monitoring, such as mold, inflexible, miscarriage, safe in operation.
Most people who see a in operation for the first time are amazed at how well the sheet metal press machine is managed.
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